About Blog

This blog is mainly dedicated towards technical stuff and is intended to help anyone who views it. If anyone has any queries please post them and I’ll be glad to try and find a solution. Thanks.

Disclaimer: Unless clearly stated, I do not claim any of the above listed ideas/topics as my own. The classification into categories is done only to have a structure and any given idea/topic may belong to more than one category. Any information available on this blog need not have guarantee of authenticity yet I would like to keep it correct as per my information. Please let me know of any shortcomings.


One thought on “About Blog

  1. Tony Perry


    I read your article about the kalman filter with great interest. I’m trying to find someone who can develop a kalman filter that can utilise cell phone mast to track rubbish skips fitted with a cell phone chip! Is this possible do you think?



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