Multimedia Compression

We have a lot of file formats nowadays in use in our Multimedia. But most of the times, we fail to appreciate the amount of work put in by great groups like the JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) or the MPEG (Motion Pictures Experts Group) to achieve this.

In an interest to understand various file formats and how compression or storage is achieved, I shall learn myself (thats the best part) and try to put up a few posts. This shall also involve some file formats which actually do not involve any compression (typically in images and audio).

Some of the formats I definitely intend to cover are: Bitmap (.bmp), JPEG (.jpg), JPEG2000 (.j2k, .jp2), Graphics Interchange Format (.gif), Portable Network Graphics (.png), etc. for images. For audio, it will be WAV (.wav), MPEG-3 (.mp3) and Ogg Vorbis Audio (.ogg) and as many as I can possibly comprehend and put down in words for video 🙂

And then I would try to sum up the section with a comparison of the general formats if possible.


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