Your OWN Web Server and Website – II

So we had a port opened, and visibility for our Index page on the IP address assigned dynamically by the service provider in the part 1 of this post.

We now need to assign a name to this IP address. The thing about Dynamic IPs is that everytime you reset your Router, you will be assigned a new IP address. So somehow your Domain Name should automatically understand and acquire your new IP address. This service is provided by and allows you to assign your IP to any DNS that is available. You can choose from a list of, .org, .info, etc.

They also have Updater Clients which automatically read your IP when it changes, so that your website stays online as long as your computer is online!

Now that you have a name for your website, you need to actually setup some website. Drupal / Joomla are perfect examples for beginners who have no idea about how PHP works! They have a very easy step-by-step procedure that you need to follow to set it up. You’ll mainly need to make database users and the database, and assign permissions to various files and folders.

Once that is done, creation of pages, administration, etc. is all carried out using the browser itself. (For tips on enabling TinyMCE)

The last step would be to make your index.html to redirect to the Drupal / Joomla setup. This can be done using a line in the header as simple as

<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0; url=drupal/”>

The URL can be any folder that you want to link to. Ofcourse, the page that will open in that folder by default is the index.html or index.php again. Its this easy to have a website up and running! 🙂


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