LaTeX and Beamer (Presentations)

LaTeX is not just for reports, but is widely used in the professional (academic) community to make their ppts (in this case pdfs) too. This adaptation of the power of LaTeX is called Beamer.

Getting started with this is very very easy. Pull one of the presentations you find online, and modify the content. Then start modifying the themes, looks, etc. and you’ll find a wide variety of customization is available.

Of course, if you are a genius who can modify or understand .cls and .sty files, then there is nothing like it.

So getting started, the only difference is

\usepackage{graphics} % for your images
\usepackage{beamerthemesplit} % this is a theme splitting option
\usepackage{hyperref} % hyperlinks
\usepackage{amsfonts} % advanced math fonts
\usepackage{movie15} % ah! embedding small video clips in pdfs. Yes, new pdf readers do play movies too.

\usetheme{Darmstadt} % selection of themes
\setbeamertemplate{navigation symbols}{}

etc. You can addon to these as you wish. Once this is done, you select a theme and then set your templates, as you like.

Again there is the standard \maketitle that can be used as follows.

\author{auth1 \and auth2}
\institute{XYZ} \\  {\includegraphics[height=2.3cm,width=2cm]{}} \\  % in case you wish to put your institute logo

Thats it, and you have your first title page ready. I specially like this arrangement wherein it makes links on top to your section heads in the presentation. Its a very nice concept, and replicating that in Powerpoint is not so easy.

Thats it, you have your base ready. Just start of as shown below and you’ll land with a professional looking (with good looking equations if required) presentation, which you can further Impress others by.

\begin{frame}{Slide Head}
\begin{block}{Block – 1}
\item point 1
\item point 2
\begin{block}{Block – 2}
\item point 1
\item point 2

Multiple frames (slides) can come in one section, and an ideal of 2 – 3 blocks per frame make your slide really well partitioned and particular. Ofcourse there is no need to use blocks, and you can directly insert text or use itemize. Its up to you!

Note: The file is still called .tex, and is compiled as any other .tex document using any of miktex, latex, pdftex, etc.


3 thoughts on “LaTeX and Beamer (Presentations)

  1. Sneha

    This post, in fact your whole blog, is very helpful. I’m supposed to do a presentation in Latex in 2 days and this just removed the mental block in my head. Please publicise this blog among all NITK juniors.

    1. Makarand Tapaswi Post author

      Hi, I’m not sure there is such a thing. There wasn’t at least 6 years ago! I guess you could make one (for e.g., modify other uni templates) or simply use existing general templates.


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