Report Writing using LaTeX – II

In view of the previous post, the importance of LaTeX for project reports is seen very clearly.

The main struggle will be in making the first page template, as this requires to be painstakingly manually formatted. This needs to be done by trial and error, by checking whether the required titles, or images (college logo, etc.) are fitting entirely or not. But once a general template is ready, one can use the \maketitle command (write a script) or just copy-paste this part of the tex file and change titles, authors, and possibly guides.

Ofcourse, as you would expect, getting all those italics, boldface, etc. changing fonts, changing sizes are an easy job, but need to be written like a script, as it gets processed and your document gets generated. That probably is the only drawback of this system. A powerful WYSIWYG is yet to be successfully implemented.

So once this is done, I would suggest, to start off with making chapters, and dividing your job into parts according to the work. These can be divided into sections, or maybe you want to write some text, and then do the division. Its upto you!

A sample title page would be something like this.

\textbf{\LARGE{Title of Report}}\\

% optional
\normalsize{\textbf{Subject – Project REPORT}}\\

\normalsize{\textit{Submitted by}}\\

\begin{tabular}{ccc} % no. of columns depending on no. of authors
\large{ABC} & \large{DEF} & \large{GHI} \\
REG1 & REG2 & REG3 \\

Under the guidance of \\
\large{\textbf{Prof.~XYZ}} \\

% College Logo (optional)



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