This Impressive has a version assigned to it. Its Impressive! – v0.10.2

Was just idling around with these Ubuntu forums the Education & Science section, and I hit upon this interesting link.

This software is written in Python, and hence will run on most operating systems. They also have a nice bundled package of python, pdftk, mplayer, gplay, etc. for Windows users so that they can directly use the tool.

For Ubuntu / Linux users, its an extract, installation of python-opengl, python-game and I guess that should be able to run it successfully.

It definitely seems like making presentations nicer, more attractive and focussed (with all those highlighters) is even more easier 🙂

I am definitely going to try this out for some of the upcoming presentations.

Well… that should be it for now, more posts will come around on such interesting softwares / technologies.


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